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Ramadan Kareem

There were many late nights, long hours and buckets full of tears but in the end it all paid off. The success of last yearís Ramadan television program Ramadan Kareem has led to the SABC renewing the contract to produce another season to be broadcast during the holy month of Ramadan. The format which is fun, light, entertaining yet spiritually uplifting mustíve hit the right note because ever since the first broadcast numerous calls, emails and letters encouraged the team on. This year not much is being changed. The program has a winning formula that engages the viewer without boring them to death. Itís an extremely difficult program to produce but the team believe they are guided by Allah and this in the end is what its all about

Ramadan is a time of intense introspection, reflection and commitment to the purpose of our life on earth. Every year over a billion Muslims partake in the voluntary abstention from food and drink. They do this to feel compassion for their fellow human being who may be less fortunate but theyíre also answering a commandment from Allah. The program format starts off with recitals from Qaris sourced across South Africa. This will be followed by a message of inspiration for the faithful to take into their day. This year they will again be showcasing those individuals who make a difference in their communities by living the religion of Islam and the message of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in their daily lives. Production has started in earnest and the team traveled to all parts of the country to bring you stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things all for the sake and pleasure of Allah. For the young viewers their will be a special section filled with stories that will enlighten as well as educate them as to their lifeís purpose on earth and in so doing lay the proper foundation for them as Muslims who in time to come will be the future leaders of the Ummah. Lamees du Toit is back with her fabulous recipes brought to you by Lady Bee Delhi Diner. The focus of this years food will be easy to make, nutritionally fulfilling as well as well known recipes passed down from generation to generation. Be sure to be amazed and amused as Lamees weaves her charming wit with insight into making your Ramadan table come to life.

The team at X CON Films has again aimed at bringing you, the viewer a production that can carry its own next to any local or international television show. Shoprite Checkers has sponsored R50 000.00 worth of shopping vouchers that will be handed out to organizations and individuals who are doing their bit for Ramadan. The program will again be the home for the Gifted Haj. Remember to sharpen your writing skills and send in your letters, emails, smsís and even phone calls for people you believe will be deserving of an all expenses paid, once in a lifetime, Haj.

This yearís broadcast will take place on SABC2 and SABC Africa at 04h30 till 05h00 everyday starting from 13 September 2007 to 13 October 2007.

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