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This is Ramadan. The holiest month on the Muslim calendar. It’s a time of intense introspection, intense prayer and a chance to refocus one’s life according to the example set and the teachings left by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The program’s aim is to add to the spiritual growth of Muslims over this period through the content we feature. We will showcase, highlight, celebrate and inform the nation on and over Ramadan.

The program will be filmed in and around South Africa giving it a national flavour rather than just making it a regional show.

Thought for the day
Everyday for 30 days we will feature a recitation of ayat from the Qur’an followed by an explanation of those ayat. Religious leaders, hafidh of Qur’an and scholars from across the country will be our keynote presenters in this insert.

The Profiles
The profiles will feature Muslims who have embraced the Deen of Islam completely. We will be showcasing people from all walks of life. The teachings of Islam are the basis of their daily existence, and the example of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. We aim to provide Southern Africans with role models, some known and some unknown.

Ya Shabaab: Youth Story
The youth are the future leaders of the Muslims. Young children are invited to listen to a story from the Qur’an or the life of the Prophet which adds to their understanding of Islam.

Cooking with…
There will be daily cooking feature with recipes put together in consultation with celebrity chef Shanaaz Parker. Although this does not form a part of religious programming it does form part of the culture of the religion. We’ll endeavour to showcase recipes that have a spiritual or religious base but would not like to be limited only to this.



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