The Presenters

Presenter Profile: Khaleel Kathrada

Khaleel is a student at the University of Cape Town’s Theatre lab, under the tutorship of Roysten Stoffes Warrick Grier.
He is currently studying stunt work, and has been working with an amazing group of people who have a trust called ‘Centre of Light’. The group brings relief to a community in Mfuleni by distributing clothes, food and providing education.
A faqir of Shaykh Hassan Cisse, Khaleel has taken inspiration from the Shaykh’s example of encouraging Muslims to be part of all spheres of life, indicating the message of Islam as truth and unity.
This would explain why Khaleel enjoys teamwork, and discovering old Islamic poetry and narration. Mr. Kathrada is also learning to play the guitar. “Use what you have been given as a gift from Allah to assist your fellow Muslims and to invite the non-Muslims to the Deen. Be truthful, loving, compassionate, merciful and honourable, and live, love and walk with courage.”

Presenter Profile: Layla Holland


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